Continental Commodity Exchange

Did you know that approximately 90% of all commodities are mined by just 10% of the mining community. This is made up of large scale miners and represents about 7 million people. The remaining 10% of mined raw materials are produced by the other 90% of the mining community, which are predominantly subsistence level miners, this represents a staggering 100 million people.

CCEX exists to help this 90% reach the global marketplace

Supply Chain Traceability

Every commodity traded on CCEX is tracked from mine to market, allowing end users to be sure of the provenance of their raw materials. This is essential for organisations that are required to comply with sustainability legislation, as well as ensuring adherence to, Responsible Sourcing guidelines


Common Sense Compliance

ASM operations will not typically be able to meet the stringent KYC requirements of sophisticated buyers in the West. CCEX employs a common sense approach to onboarding by cross checking licences, permits, identification and mine locations at a local level

Secure & Easy to Use

Secure and intuitive web based technology makes accessing the platform on any device, anywhere and anytime extremely easy to do. All you need is a browser. Market managers are on hand to help you whenever need assistance

Global Reach

Provides co-operative, small scale and artisanal miners with a platform to offer what they produce to the global market and achieve better prices


Before being listed on CCEX, products are transported to a secure warehouse and independently tested. Supporting documentation can be viewed on the platform


When you transact through the CCEX platform you are dealing directly with the end counterparty. There are no chains of intermediaries allowed

OTC & Auction

CCEX provides a range of possibilities for transacting, whether you want to trade on a an auction for a niche specification or prefer a more traditional OTC approach, we can help you.



Know Your Customer

Everyone we deal with provides thorough KYC information before they are allowed to trade through us. We also seek to identify proof of previous performance. While it is important to conduct your own due diligence on the counterparties you deal with, you can have comfort that anything shown via CCEX will be from robust counterparties that have provided comprehensive KYC documentation.


Our platform is currently being developed with a focus on metals such as chrome, manganese, cobalt, copper and gold, but is flexible enough to handle any commodity and any specification


Our platform is under development and will be going live soon. We are taking registrations from companies that wish to trade on our platform. Contact us today to join CCEX and get ready to start trading as soon as we go live

Lets Begin

Our customers include ASM operations, Co-operatives & Aggregators, Trading Houses, End Users, Hedge Funds and Banks. 

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