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Artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) typically takes place in impoverished areas where there is little infrastructure and poverty forces miners to use unsafe and physically intensive mining practices. Because of the difficult terrain and often lawless nature of these areas, many larger mining houses and governments have overlooked these resource rich areas in the past. However things are slowly changing  amid pressure from end users and consumers that increasingly demand goods that are produced with conflict free commodities that are sourced via environmentally friendly and socially responsible methods.

That’s why we go out of our way to help smaller producer and junior miners with advice, transport help, warehousing assistance and trade consultancy to help them succeed.

Governments have also realised it is better to legitimise ASM in order to better enforce safe mining practices that are less destructive to the environment. Furthermore, legitimising ASM opens a new revenue stream as governments receive more income from taxable revenues and royalties from mining exploration.

This is in turn benefits ASM operators who will be able to take advantage of increased wealth which in turn benefits the local economy. In addition, government investment in local services such as education, welfare and other social programmes will increase.

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CCEX is more than just a digital marketplace. We aim to be part of a solution to the problems these miners are facing. We aim to work with local governments, co-operatives and financial institutions to help these miners find a way out of poverty and sell what they produce to the international pool of buyers where they are able to get a fair price, allowing them to improve the conditions they work in, protect their environment through more responsible mining practices and develop their communities for a better future.