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We strive to be more than just a platform to sell your goods. Our aim is to be your partner. By providing market intelligence, introductions to new counterparties to do business with, or helping you with transport and logistics challenges, we aim to help you succeed and grow.

Continental Commodity Exchange, exists to help artisanal and small scale miners succeed. Whether you are a co-operative of gold miners in Colombia, or a small scale miner of chrome in Zimbabwe, we can help you sell your production either on our platform or if you prefer, in a more conventional over the counter (OTC) trade. 

Underlying everything we do is our code of ethics. We believe that it is our responsibility to conduct our business in a way that is fair, inclusive, sustainable and absolutely believe that we are custodians of our planet for future generations.

Our Team We are a small team, but we are really good at what we do.

Fong Li


Fong has more than 20 years’ experience in investment banks within the City of London, working with fund managers and corporate accounts, with a key focus on corporate actions for smaller companies including AiM market IPO listings, takeovers and equity fundraisings. Fong has significant experience developing new markets and was instrumental in setting up the Institutional Investor Desk at Hoodless Brennan & Partners, before moving to Arbuthnot Securities Limited where she was, Director of Equity Sales.

Benjamin Webb

Our Operations Man

Ben has 15 years’ experience brokering dry bulk commodities, derivatives and freight, globally with a special interest in business development in emerging economies. Ben is adept at discovering and commercialising new markets and was one of the first to successfully manufacture and trade biodiesel in the UK. Ben has travelled extensively promoting and developing markets and spent time in Asia where he developed a physical coal desk handling Indonesian and South African coal into the Chinese market. Ben is well versed in the regulatory framework of international commodity trading and has therefore been crucial in the development of not only this business and its responsible sourcing policies but the commercialization structure of several projects throughout his career​

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